Outage Planning and Readiness Analysis
Many projects require some type of outage, turnaround, tie-in phase or shutdown. WorleyParsons recognizes that construction input and detail planning of this specific event reduces risk to lost production and increases the opportunity to improve safety, cost, and schedule performance.

This specific Construction Services business is small in costs but very large in effect on the project outcome. With significant risks for losses in production revenue due to extended outage periods, the focus on minute to minute, hour to hour planning is essential to a predictable duration and start-up performance.

WorleyParsons has established a framework of work process and software applications that can help organize, simplify and prioritize construction work during this critical phase. This effort can be for a single project or multiple projects across many areas or process units.

Along with the outage planning capabilities, we provide analysis services to establish an outside look at the planning effort. This analysis utilizes WorleyParsons outage software to assign an objective readiness index. The Shutdown, Turnaround and Readiness, (STAR) tool is designed for analysis in the identify and evaluate phase. The Outage Readiness Index (ORI) tool is for use during the detail design of the project. Both tools provide a systematic approach to assessing plans and also provide a framework of best practices for outage planning.

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